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Editorial Certification

What is an editorial certificate?

Our editorial certificate verifies that your manuscript, literature review, or other academic work has received professional language editing by an experienced English-language editor. After editing your document and receiving requested clarifications from the author, we provide all clients with an editorial certificate as a PDF.
An editorial certificate includes the manuscript title, the author(s), the date of issuance, a truncated abstract, and a reference code for certificate verification.

Certificate verification for journal editors


Why do you need an editorial certificate?

Many international journals advise non-native speakers of English to have their work edited for language by a native speaker before submission. To avoid delays during the publication process, submit a certificate to the journal indicating that you have already had your work professionally edited. Our certification verifies that your manuscript has been reviewed and all grammar, spelling, punctuation, phrasing, and clarity issues have been addressed while maintaining scientific integrity. Each certificate receives unique identification to reflect the individual care each manuscript receives.

When should you submit a manuscript for editing?

No matter the type of document you are working on, it is best to have your manuscript edited prior to submission to a journal, review board, or publisher. However, if you’ve already submitted and have received comments regarding the use of language alongside a rejection or a request for major revision, we can help. We are able to assess language at any step in the publication process; if provided, we can also help authors incorporate reviewer comments or edit response letters to present the most polished response possible.

Will an editorial certificate help me get published?

We cannot guarantee that our editorial certificate will ensure publication in your target journal. However, authors who submit an editorial certificate alongside their manuscript can be assured that the paper will not be rejected due to language issues. While non-native speakers of English are likely to receive poor reviews or rejection due to language or grammar errors, even the best native English speakers still face rejection due to language issues if they are not addressed.

How can a journal or editor verify an editorial certificate?

The verification link found on a certificate will direct to this page, where the editor can input the certificate reference number to request validation (below). Our editorial staff will follow up in one business day to confirm.

Certificate Verification

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