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Frequently Asked Questions

Editing Services

Journals and reviewers may use “language issues” as a catch-all for a variety of writing-related deficiencies. Consider the comments overall: Do they indicate mere issues of grammar, punctuation, or spelling? If so, look to professional language editing to address this part of the reviews. Conversely, are there significant issues with clarity, accuracy, and adherence to the norms of scientific writing in your field? If so, we strongly suggest considering professional scientific editing.

Language editing is the correction of all errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and clarity for a manuscript. Language editing is performed by qualified, field-specific editors.

If the journal rejects the manuscript with criticisms specific to revisions provided by our services, we will revise the manuscript for free until it is error-free.

Yes. Once all revisions by the editor and the authors have been completed, we provide a certificate certifying that the manuscript underwent Language Editing. The submitted document is the sole responsibility of the submitting authors subject to those authors' adherence to LetPub's revisions and instruction.

Our recommended premium editorial service is Scientific Editing. This service provides the most comprehensive and content-specific editorial support.

Scientific editing comprises revisions to an academic manuscript, aimed at improving the manuscript’s scientific rigor, logic and experimental design, by editorial professionals with subject-area expertise. Scientific editing focuses on strengthening scientific arguments, improving local flow, eliminating inconsistencies, and identifying noteworthy omissions in academic documents. Language editing, which ensures manuscripts are free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, accompanies scientific editing.

Signature Revision Protection is a service upgrade for language and scientific editing service packages. With this upgrade, you receive unlimited language revisions to your manuscript regardless of the number of journal iterations for up to one year. Unlimited response letter language revisions are also included.

Clarification can be sought from your editor during a follow up via the comments feature in Word. The editor will be able to offer advice, clarification, or correction.

No, we do not accept machine-translated documents for editing as these documents are often too flawed to determine meaning. However, we do provide full-service Translation.

Yes, LetPub offers both Language and Scientific Editing for documents in LaTeX. We use the program Overleaf for revisions, as Overleaf allows multiple contributors to create and revise documents via a user-friendly online platform.

Yes, our editorial services are versatile, especially the Language Editing service. Authors can submit their manuscripts, research proposals, cover letters, response letters, theses, or annual review or tenure files. LetPub also offers specific services, such as Grant Editing, that are tailored to documents other than scientific manuscripts.

Partial edits and comments can be viewed in our Client Success Stories.

Figures and Artwork

For best results, send all the images you wish to include as separate files at the highest resolution available to you. We regret that we cannot alter color balance, brightness, or contrast out of ethical concerns.

We are currently able to process the following file types:
  • • Any standard graphic format, such as .tif, .jpg, .png, .bmp, or .gif
  • • .doc, .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • • .ppt, .pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • • .xls, .xlsx (Microsoft Excel)
  • • .opj (Origin)
  • • .ai, .ait (Adobe Illustrator)
  • • .psd, .pdd (Adobe Photoshop)
  • • .eps (various programs)

If you store your material in some other file type, contact us for the best way to convert your material to .eps or .pdf files for export.

Once you submit an inquiry for a scientific illustration, a customer manager will reach out to you and ask you to fill out our information-collection form. We will ask questions regarding the final illustration (e.g., target journal, file format, size, resolution), the idea you wish to turn into illustration, and your desired style. You can also submit a draft illustration if you have one, charts/diagrams you want to include in the illustration, and any materials you think can help a general reader to understand your research.

You will receive the illustration in a file format that conforms to your target journal's requirements, so it is ready for you to submit. Generally, you do not need to edit anything yourself because, if the journal requests revision, we will revise it for you, free of charge. For clients who would like to have the option of making minor revisions themselves, we can provide the source Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop file of the final image upon request. Note that since some elements may have been generated in other programs before imported into Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, you will not be able to edit those elements except for changing their locations and sizes.

Manuscript Formatting

Manuscript formatting ensures a complete scientific manuscript, including figures, tables and supplemental files, is formatted per the target journal and/or publisher's preferred guidelines. Accurate formatting is necessary to facilitate the peer review process and is typically required for initial and final submissions to scientific journals.

No. This service package does not cover word reduction or any content supplementation. LetPub offers those services as part of different editing packages.

Please contact us if there are any problems with your formatted manuscript. If a journal mentions formatting as a problem, please send us all comments from the journal and the manuscript file that you sent to the journal.

The primary responsibility of our manuscript formatting team is to ensure that your manuscript text is consistent with journal guidelines. This includes layout, font, spacing, formatting of headings, citations and references, title page check, confirmation of word count, number of images, and reference number limits and noting overages, and a check to ensure appropriate placement of tables and figures, and that all required sections are present. Our formatting team does not provide language editing (correction of spelling, punctuation, and grammar).

No. If you desire table formatting, please consider our Figure Formatting service, which will format your manuscript tables per your target journal's guidelines.

Journal Recommendation

The journal recommendation services help authors identify journals that are best suited for publishing their scientific manuscripts. Journals are recommended by subject-specific editors who provide appropriately matched journals that meet an author's specified publishing requirements (e.g., impact factor and publication fee), in addition to a brief evaluation of the manuscript's suitability for submission. Details regarding each recommended journal, such as review speed, indexing, and open access options, accompany the recommendations.

Editors will prioritize well-indexed journals as a matter of course. However, specific indexes can be added as a restriction at the time you place the order. Please note that any restrictions, including index restrictions, may limit the options that can be provided or require concessions to other parameters of the recommendation process.

No. Our Journal Recommendation report is designed to provide useful information about journals that may be a good fit for your paper based on the content of your work. Acceptance by a journal will be determined entirely by the journal’s editorial staff, not LetPub. The LetPub Journal Recommendation service is journal-independent and will not communicate directly with journal editors about your manuscript. We are here to support you throughout the publication process but cannot guarantee journal acceptance.

Video and Animation

To promote efficiency and speed of delivery, the creative team imposes specific checkpoints for feedback. Copious information is solicited from you before the project begins. Additionally, a first draft of the script and/or narration and opening scene is provided for review and approval. A second draft—the Milestone Delivery—with major animated elements incorporated is provided for review and approval. Finally, there is a substantial feedback and follow up period after delivery of the complete video, to allow for the fine-tuning of the project to your expectations.

A period of feedback and revision is included in all video projects. Reasonable accommodation will be made to revise minor elements as required by the venue (e.g., journal or conference) after the video is submitted. LetPub reserves the right to charge a modest follow up fee for more substantial changes.

Account and Orders

If you require an invoice, please email support@letpub.com and our client communications specialists will send you an invoice as soon as possible.

At the time that you place your order, you can email an institutional-backed purchase order to support@letpub.com. Or, you can wait for a client communications specialist to reach out to you once you’ve placed your order and arrange the purchase order with them.

You will have a transparent start date for your project via a kick-off email from our client communications specialist. This email will arrive when 1) payment has been made and 2) you provide all necessary materials and specifications for the project.

In urgent situations, we will do our best to accommodate expedited projects. When you place an order, please leave a note or alert the client communications specialist when they reach out to you to start your project. However, accommodation of expedited projects depends on manuscript length, field of study, and editor availability, among other factors. As such, while we can aim to meet your deadline, we cannot provide guaranteed turnaround dates other than those listed in our order system.

A follow up less than 200 words of track changes is complimentary for editorial projects. If you have new material or need to substantially rework content for total track changes of greater than 200 words, your editor can review all of these changes for a scaled service fee. The fee is a proportion of the original project fee and will be quoted for you at the time of the follow up. To ensure nearly unlimited follow ups without fees, please consider the Signature Revision Protection add-on at the start of your project.

Still have questions? Contact the LetPub assistance team or click the "chat with us" button.

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